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I'm innocent. Should I talk to the police?

Posted By Hines Ranc & Holub || 8-Mar-2016

If you have been detained by the police in Austin, Texas, not only is it your right to remain silent, but it is also in your best interest. No matter the circumstances, you should always speak with an attorney before giving a statement or answering police questions. Very rarely does speaking with the police benefit an arrestee, even an innocent one.

You may know that you did not commit the crime that the police suspect you of and, therefore, believe that explaining yourself is harmless. Unfortunately, this is not true. Interrogators are professionals who know how to incite answers to questions that you may not even realize they are asking. Even if you think that you are simply denying involvement in something, you may unintentionally be giving them all the information they need to charge you.

Ways in which speaking to the police can hurt you include:

  • Anything and everything you say can be held against you in court
  • If any part of your statement is found to be untrue, your credibility will be destroyed
  • You might unknowingly incriminate yourself for unrelated charges

Stand Up For Your Fifth Amendment Rights

If you are detained by the police and brought in for processing or questioning, you should immediately demand to speak to a lawyer before talking to them. Any police questioning after you have invoked your Fifth Amendment rights is inadmissible in court. Having an Austin criminal defense attorney can help to ensure that you provide a statement or answer questions in a manner that does not incriminate yourself.

If you've been arrested in Austin, contact Hines Ranc & Holub before answering any questions.

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