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If you have been arrested for domestic assault or family violence, you need to secure reliable legal counsel as soon as possible. If convicted, you could be facing serious penalties such as a fine, jail time, and a criminal record, which can limit any future employment opportunities. If this is your second or third offense of this nature, you may be charged with a felony and you could face even more serious consequences. Do your best to avoid a criminal conviction—or to at least minimize the damage—with the help of Hines Ranc & Holub in Ausin, TX

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Taking a Closer Look at Domestic Assault & Family Violence

Domestic assault is when a person threatens a relative with violence or makes them believe that danger is imminent. When assault takes place in a home as family violence, the situation can become more complicated, especially if there are children involved. What may have started as a heated argument can be blown out of proportion and place a family in the middle of a complex legal situation. This is especially true if the victim has petitioned for a protective order against the alleged abuser. It is not unusual for a spouse or partner to press domestic assault charges out of vengeance or spite.

If you are facing criminal charges, we recommend you do the following:

  • Take pictures of all forms of evidence or physical injuries.
  • Keep copies of any medical records for care.
  • Do not make statements to police without first discussing your case with our attorneys.
  • Remain level-headed and refrain from making any rash decisions, such as leaving home.

If a protective order has been issued against you, it is very important that you comply with all the conditions stipulated in the order. Failure to do so could cause you more trouble. Our firm can help you fully understand the conditions of your order so that you can avoid further complications in your case.

What Penalties Could I Be Facing?

Depending on the seriousness of the accusations, you could be facing serious consequences. For example, in cases of domestic violence, you may be faced with up to a year in jail and as much as $4,000 in fines.

More than that, you could also face any of the following:

  • Loss of child custody or visitation rights
  • Mandatory counseling or anger management classes
  • Probation with heavy restrictions
  • Terminated parental or visitation rights
  • Loss of your right to own a weapon

If you are facing domestic assault charges as a result of a matter involving a family member, your future is on the line. You cannot afford to go through this time without the qualified counsel of a domestic violence attorney.

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Finding the right lawyer to take on your case can seem challenging, but our team at Hines Ranc & Holub aims to make it as simple as possible for you. We are highly skilled at defending our clients and know how to create strategic legal solutions for their criminal cases.

When you choose to work with us you get all of the following:

  • Representation from board certified criminal defense attorney
  • 85+ years of collective legal insight and experience
  • Insightful counsel from former prosecutors
  • A sense of confidence from our 10.0 Superb Avvo rating

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At Hines Ranc & Holub, we understand how stressful it can be to find yourself accused of assault or family violence. You worry about what this could mean for your family and your reputation. With more than eight decades of combined experience and lawyers who are Board Certified in Criminal Law, our firm is the kind of firm you need on your side. Our Austin, TX criminal lawyers can help review the details of your case and recommend a viable course of action during a free case evaluation. Don't give up hope—we are here to help you get through this.

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