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FAQ: Criminal Defense

What Are My Rights as an Accused Individual in Austin?

No matter how small or complex the charges you are facing, you have the right to seek legal representation in your defense. You also have the right to remain silent when being questioned by law enforcement officials. The U.S. Constitution also protects you from having your person or home searched without a warrant. If you were unlawfully searched by police without a warrant or probable cause, our firm can help.

When Can I Be Charged with DWI?

A law enforcement officer can stop a driver if he or she suspects that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The minimum blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for a DWI charge is .08%, but a driver is considered under the influence if his or her driving ability is impaired by drugs or alcohol, regardless of BAC. You may also refuse to take a field sobriety test, but it is essential that you immediately seek legal counsel to avoid having your driver's license suspended if you decide to go this route.

What Are the Penalties for a DWI Conviction?

Penalties for a DWI conviction vary based on factors such as whether it is a first, second, or third offense, and can include a requirement to attend an alcohol education program, suspension of a driver's license for up to 2 years (first offense), and revocation of a commercial driver's license (CDL), which can negatively impact workers such as truck drivers who need a CDL for their job. Some offenders may be placed on probation and have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. The penalties for minor drivers are just as severe, such as 1-year driver's license suspension and community service. Additional penalties can be imposed on drivers who are found drinking and driving with a child passenger. Drivers and passengers can also be fined $500 if open alcohol containers are found in a car.

How Can an Attorney Help Me if I've Been Charged with DWI?

Our legal team works to prepare the strongest possible defense for our clients facing DWI charges. We investigate to find any mistakes that may have been made by law enforcement officers at the scene of the arrest, which could result in charges being dismissed. We have more than 85 years of combined experience that have taught us which cases prosecutors like to take on and which they are willing to negotiate on. We can use this knowledge in our strategy-building and defense techniques.

Can I Remove My Name From the Sex Offender Registry?

If you have been convicted of a sex crime, you most likely were required to register as a sex offender. Such a registration can impact the rest of your life, including your prospects of employment, housing, and more. At Hines, Ranc & Holub, we can help you understand your eligibility for deregistration and can help you navigate the process and find a brighter future.

Why Do I Need to Hire an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer from our firm could increase the chances that you will obtain the most favorable case outcome possible, such as a reduction of charges or case dismissal. Simply hoping for the best or thinking you can defend yourself will likely result in disaster. We have the resources and legal insight required to fight for your rights, both inside and outside of court.

What Does It Mean to Be Board Certified in Criminal Law?

Many of the lawyers at our firm are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. To obtain this certification, an attorney must be recommended by other attorneys and judges, and undergo an extensive examination that tests expertise in all areas of criminal law. It also requires a higher level of continuing education than a normal lawyer. When you choose to hire our firm to handle your case, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in excellent hands.

If you have a question that was not addressed above, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our Austin criminal defense lawyers would be happy to answer your questions and address any of your concerns during a free, initial case evaluation.

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