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Sexual crimes carry severe penalties. Convicted sex offenders face fines, jail time, and extensive registration requirements. The consequences can last for years, decades—even a lifetime. All too often, criminal charges alter or even ruin a defendant’s life. Job opportunities may disappear. Living accommodations may become difficult.

If someone has accused you of a sex crime, you need the expert help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Georgetown, TX. Only a seasoned sex crime lawyer can protect your rights and defend you against the inevitable onslaught that follows an accusation.

Types of Sex Crimes Cases

The criminal defense attorneys at Hines, Ranc & Holub represent clients who face serious criminal charges in or near Georgetown, TX. We handle the following types of cases:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated sexual continuous abuse
  • Indecency
  • Lewd conduct
  • Child pornography
  • Deregistration

What to Do if You Have Been Accused of Sex Crimes

It’s important to call a sex crime defense attorney as soon as the authorities in Georgetown try to question you, even if they haven’t yet filed charges. What you do in those first few interviews could determine your future. Unknown to you, the police may already be building a case. Anything you say at this early stage could negatively impact your chances of receiving a favorable plea deal or verdict.

Aside from capital murder, few criminal cases are prosecuted as aggressively as sex crimes cases. You need someone who will fight just as aggressively on your behalf. That’s why it’s critical that you call a Georgetown, TX sex crime lawyer the moment you learn of an accusation. In the meantime, stay silent. Never speak about your case to anyone, even people you trust. The prosecution can force family members to testify against you, and they can turn the most innocent utterance into a scandal.

If convicted, the result could be thousands of dollars in fines, decades behind bars, and a lifetime of registration. Some cases carry less severe penalties, ranging from smaller fines to months of probation. That being said, it’s crucial that you appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Never brush off a sex crimes case, no matter how minor the charges may seem. Even public indecency accusations can lead to prison time and sex crime registration. The nature of the punishment depends on the particulars of each case, but the potential for serious repercussions always exists.

Trust the Criminal Law Firm of Hines, Ranc & Holub to Defend You from Sex Crimes Charges

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Georgetown, TX, you not only have the right to be represented, you have the right to a qualified, competent legal defense. With more than 85 years of combined experience, our criminal law firm has the expertise defend you against the most serious charges. We’re prepared to listen to your side of the story. Once we know the situation, we’ll investigate the facts, prepare a robust legal defense, and fight for your rights.

No matter what stage of a sex crimes case you face, our attorneys know how to craft a successful legal strategy. We can help you:

  • Get an acquittal
  • Negotiate a fair and advantageous plea deal
  • Pursue deregistration
  • Expunge your record

There’s only one way to protect your reputation, safeguard your future, and secure your freedom. Contact the Georgetown office of Hines, Ranc & Holub to receive a free initial case consultation.